25/02/24 13:32 PM

Vaccine Refrigerator

Electric Vaccine Refrigerator For Medical Facilities

Medical-grade refrigerators, specifically vaccine generators, are special refrigerators designed to fulfil the temperature demands for the safe storage of vaccines. With the different temperature ranges, our medical refrigerators can be used to store a wide range of vaccines such as rotavirus, influenza, Covid, MMRV and others. This product is ideal for cold storage use in pharmacies, hospitals or medical offices. The compression range of vaccine refrigerators consists of numerous ice-lined refrigerators and freezers for regional and national centres provided with electricity for the best possible adaptation to power constraints at health centres. Because vaccines require precise temperatures to remain effective, any change in the temperatures can dramatically impact a vaccine’s viability and render them useless.

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FAIRBIZPS strives to provide pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics with vaccine refrigerators to store every vaccine at full strength and efficacy. Our high-performance purpose-built refrigerators have been designed to accomplish current and impending standards from the WHO, CDC, NSF 456 and other global institutions for vaccine storage. We don’t let you compromise when it comes to storing vaccines. Choose from our range of purpose-built or pharmaceutical-grade refrigerator units designed to refrigerate or freeze. Some are compact, under-the-counter style, while others are large enough to cater to hospital needs.