25/02/24 13:56 PM

Cold Box

Store Vaccines & Dilutents For Long In Cold Boxes

You probably depend on cold boxes and vaccine carriers almost every day, whether you want to transport vaccines or store them temporarily. Cold boxes are insulated boxes lined with coolant packs to keep vaccines and diluents cold for a long time. Whether you want to collect and transport vaccine supplies from one store to another or from vaccine stores to health facilities, Fairbizps cold box is an ideal choice. A health worker can carry this box easily while traveling on foot or other means. The vaccine storage capacity of Fairbizps cold boxes ranges from 156 L to 503 L. we have both short-range and long-range storage boxes.

  •  Short-range: These boxes have a minimum cold life of 48 hours at 43°C ambient temperature.
  •  Long-range: These boxes have a minimum cold life of 96 hours at 43°C ambient temperature.

Buy A Perfect- Size Cold Box Online

 From maintaining a uniform temperature for storage to safely transporting pharmaceutical products that need to be preserved at a certain temperature, Fairbizps cold boxes are the most suitable option. Selecting an appropriate cold box for addressing transport and storage needs can be determined by knowing: Vaccine storage capacity you need

  • Cold life required
  • The longest time for which vaccine can be stored in the box
  • Dimensions and weight of the cold box
  • Number of coolant packs compatible with cold box

You can choose the cold box type based on the number of vaccine vials you need to carry and the mode of transport, whether traveling on foot, motorcycle, or bicycle. Our cold boxes are tested for quality check parameters before they are delivered to the customers. Please feel free to contact us to share your Cold Box requirements or any query related to our products!