05/06/23 19:51 PM

Face Mask

Buy Medical-Grade Surgical Face Masks

FAIRBIZPS offer non-woven and silicon face masks for medical purpose. Though the use of masks was limited to operation theatres, covid has changed everything. In hospitals and medical centres, from patients to general staff and medical staff, everyone has to wear masks to ensure safety from virus spread, especially coronavirus. Our non-woven, non-sterile elastic loop & tie type masks are ideal. Comfortable wearing surgical masks reduce exposure to blood and body fluids. Elastic tie fits in alignment with the face, while tie-type face masks allow you to tie them as per your comfort and convenience. Our non-woven masks limit the germ and virus spread even if you contact a person with symptoms like cough & cold.

Shop For Silicone Autoclavable Anaesthetic Face Masks

We have an economical range of silicon anesthetic face masks that incorporate an integral standard connector with a proven anatomical design. These masks are available in different sizes. Smaller sizes are also available, ideal for infants and neonates. Our silicon masks are autoclavable up to a maximum of 137ºC. Larger face masks support spontaneous and comfortable respiratory functions. They offer a simple, non-invasive way of inducing or maintaining general anesthesia. They are also used in resuscitation procedures to provide proper ventilation to unconscious patients. We offer them in different styles, features, and sizes to ensure that every patient can find a mask according to their preference.