30/09/23 11:17 AM

Vaccine Carrier

High-Quality & Durable Vaccine Carriers

Vaccine Carriers are a simple yet important product commonly used for keeping vaccines cold during transportation. Because vaccines are sensitive to heat and freezing; therefore, they must be kept at the right temperature once they are manufactured and used. Fairbizps offers a wide range of vaccine carrier boxes manufactured using high-grade material. We have a different lightweight and high-end carrier boxes to keep your vaccines at a cool temperature for long. Our vaccine carriers are easy to carry and known for their high-quality and excellent durability.

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Fairbizps vaccine carriers help health workers and related professionals to carry vaccines during immunisation campaigns and outreach services. You can use them as covid vaccine carrier, polio drops carrier, or for transporting or carrying any other vaccines as they have a great storage capacity. Each vaccine carrier box has 4 ice packs to keep vaccines cool. Whether you want to collect and transport vaccine supplies from one store to another or from vaccine stores to health facilities, Fairbizps vaccine carriers are the ideal choice. A health worker can carry this box easily while traveling on foot or other means. The type of vaccine carrier a particular health facility needs depends on different factors, such as:

  •         Type of vaccines and diluents to be transported
  •         Number of vaccines & diluent vials, and ice-packs to be carried.
  •         Means of transport.
  •         Cold life is needed.
  •         Compatibility of ice-packs with the size of vaccine carrier.

Our vaccine carriers are tested for various quality check parameters before they are dispatched. Please feel free to contact us to share your Vaccine Carrier Box requirement or any query related to our products!